In recent years, no cosmetic treatment has proven more popular – or misunderstood – than BOTOX® Cosmetic. Each month, thousands of people turn to BOTOX® Cosmetic for non-surgical facial rejuvenation, emerging with fewer visible wrinkles and fine lines. Yet, thousands more who might benefit from the treatment are hesitant because of certain myths associated with BOTOX® injections. Here we will discuss – and debunk – a few of these myths.

Myth #1: BOTOX® injections limit a person’s range of facial expressions.

This is simply not true, at least when BOTOX® injections are administered by a trained and licensed cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. BOTOX® Cosmetic targets only those muscles that are responsible for facial wrinkles and fine lines, leaving surrounding tissues undisturbed.

Myth #2: BOTOX® injections are for people of a “certain age.”

The face is among the first areas of the body to display signs of aging. BOTOX® Cosmetic is an effective treatment for anyone who is suffering from visible wrinkles and fine lines, whatever his or her age. In fact, some people seek treatment while still in their twenties.

Myth #3: Once you undergo BOTOX® treatment, you will have to continue getting treatments for the rest of your life.

It is true that the results of BOTOX® Cosmetic are temporary, and that the treatment can be repeated as necessary. However, patients can elect to discontinue BOTOX® treatments whenever they like. Their skin, while it will return to its natural state, will not suffer any damage from a “lack” of BOTOX® Cosmetic. In addition, many patients use BOTOX® injections as an alternative to facelift surgery or other, more invasive procedures. When they are ready for more drastic and long-term results, they cease BOTOX® treatments and undergo cosmetic surgery.

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