It can be extremely frustrating and even disheartening to use diet and exercise to shed unwanted pounds and yet to still have a bit of fat beneath the chin. Your new and shapelier physique does not go well with jowls or a double chin and yet you cannot get rid of this unwanted feature. Perhaps you did not lose weight but simply aged and the loss of elasticity in the skin has caused you to develop a second chin? Either way, Dr. Craig E. Berris MD at the Center for Cosmetic Eyelid and Laser Surgery in Sacramento, CA can provide our patients with chin liposuction and other plastic surgery solutions.

What is chin liposuction? It is exactly as it sounds, and it will eliminate the small deposits of fat that have caused you to develop a second chin or jowly appearance. It takes only 30 minutes or so, and it will reshape and redefine the jaw and chin as needed.

In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Berris, patients will experience no pain or discomfort. A special anesthetic is administered to the area being treated, and we are glad to provide sedation to those who are nervous during any sort of plastic surgery.

Dr. Berris will review the chin liposuction process with you and let you know if you are also a candidate for additional treatment to the neck, if that is required. You will see immediate changes following your plastic surgery, but the ultimate results of any chin liposuction take a few weeks to appear.

Many of our patients combine the chin liposuction with a face lift in order to gain the greatest benefits from our plastic surgery treatments. With the chin liposuction, you will leave our office wearing a special garment around the facial and neck area. This will stay in place for two to three days. There may be some bruising and swelling, which is why you will see the complete results in roughly two to three weeks.

Are you a good candidate for chin liposuction or other plastic surgery solutions? You will have to discuss this with the doctor. As a skilled plastic surgeon, he can help you understand the causes of any of your concerns and then explain which surgical and non-surgical treatments can provide the best remedies.

If unwanted fat and skin around the chin and neck area is upsetting you and causing frustration, it can be remedied. Chin liposuction is an ideal answer and a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Berris can help you meet your goals.

If you have questions chin liposuction or any plastic surgery solutions, or you wish to discuss your options, give us a call at (916) 929-6707. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.