Let’s face it, at a certain age, everyone has to tweeze a hair or two. But when unwanted hair growth becomes unmanageable, you may want to consider other methods, like laser hair removal. Originally, the procedure was developed to eradicate dark hairs on light skin, but it has evolved to the point where virtually any type of unwanted hair can be removed.

So, is it permanent? Realistically, it depends on the type of hair and the fullness of growth. You could see reduced growth over many years, or you might need maintenance treatments. Perhaps the best way to describe laser hair reduction is to say that it is semi-permanent to permanent.

If you are wondering about risks, you need to know that there are risks associated with any laser treatment. They can include burns, blistering, scarring, pigmentation problems and pain. Most of the time, though, patients will undergo laser hair reduction with no complications whatsoever.

Your practitioner will not do anything that could harm you. Typically, you can expect that your practitioner will conduct a physical examination to determine whether you are a good candidate for laser hair reduction. Most people are. Then, the treatment can begin.

Post-treatment, you should avoid using deodorants or perfumes that could irritate your skin. If you love to tan, this is not the time to visit a tanning bed. You should also avoid aspirin and other medications that could thin your blood.

After your treatment, you can probably expect a little bit of swelling and redness in your hair follicles. This is normal.

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