Benefits of Earlobe Repair

Have you ever heard of a “lobe job?” It is a plastic surgery procedure for people whose earlobes are split, torn, or otherwise damaged. You might not typically think of your earlobes when you consider the effects of gravity as you age, but the fact is, like any other part of your body, your earlobes can begin to sag. The benefits of earlobe repair or reduction are that the procedures can fix damage and also correct sagging.

Earlobe repair and reduction is relatively painless and not overly invasive. Your plastic surgeon simply sterilizes your earlobes and makes a small incision that allows him to take out excess cartilage and skin. Then he stitches them up. The procedure is done using a local anesthetic, and in very little time you can begin to enjoy the benefits of earlobe repair.

If you are in good health, and want to reap the benefits of earlobe repair, then chances are that you are a good candidate for the procedure. There are very few possible complications, so if you have damage to your earlobes, it is definitely something you might consider. A good candidate is practically anyone who is displeased with the appearance of their earlobes. Perhaps your lobes have become stretched or torn from wearing heavy earrings, or you may have had an industrial piercing at some point that you would now like to be rid of.

The benefits of earlobe repair are many. Patients often report that they feel more self-confident following the procedure, and they are able to wear up-do hairstyles that they could not previously consider.

Another of the benefits of earlobe repair and reduction is that it is one of the least expensive plastic surgery procedures. Additionally, the recovery time is not long and the discomfort is minimal. You can have the procedure done in usually less than an hour, and then you can go home. Any discomfort can usually be eased using over-the-counter analgesics, although if you are particularly sensitive to pain, Dr. Craig E. Berris can prescribe something a little stronger to get you over the worst of it.

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