At The Center for Cosmetic Eyelid & Laser Surgery, our Sacramento plastic surgeon receives tons of questions about BOTOX daily. It’s important to have all of your questions about procedures answered before you commit to having it done. This blog is to help answer some of your questions before your consultation or to help you think of more questions you will need answering. Continue reading to find out the answers to BOTOX FAQs.

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is one of the top studied cosmetic surgery treatments and has been approved for use in over 78 countries. It’s used to temporarily reduce the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between your eyebrows and the crow’s feet near your eyes. BOTOX is made of tiny amounts of botulinum toxin protein which is the compound that freezes your muscle activity and thus makes your wrinkles appear less visible.

Will BOTOX Make Me Look Fake?

The results of your BOTOX treatment will depend on the technique used. Talk to our Sacramento Plastic Surgeon about the results you would like to achieve and he will perform your treatment according to the results you want. Your treatment should not make you lose expression on your face. This is easily avoided when seeing a professional like Dr. Berris.

Does BOTOX Hurt?

One of the top BOTOX FAQs at our clinic asked from our patients is about the pain associated with BOTOX treatment. Most patients report that the treatment feels like a slight pinch at the injection site, but nothing severe. If you are concerned about pain during your procedure, let us know and we will consider solutions to prevent any pain either through numbing creams or even using some ice at the injection area.

What are the Side Effects of BOTOX?

Another one of the common BOTOX FAQs is a major concern of our patients. Luckily, the side effects are very uncommon. According to the BOTOX website, during clinical studies, only 1% of patients experienced a swelling of their eyelids. Other possible side effects of BOTOX include discomfort or pain the injection site, double vision, tiredness, headache, decreased eyesight, allergic reactions, dry eyes and neck pain.

How Long Does BOTOX Treatment Take?

Dr. Berris will perform a consultation with you to find out your goals and do a facial analysis to determine his technique for treatment. From there the injection process only takes about ten minutes. You could easily receive a BOTOX treatment during a lunch break if you wish.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost?

This is actually one of the top BOTOX FAQs, as every patient is concerned about the price. BOTOX in Sacramento varies. Your total cost will include the price of the actual product as well as the expertise and skills of our plastic surgeon. All patients are different, so we can’t give you an exact answer as to what the cost will be. Please schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon to find out how much your treatment will cost.

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