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The loss of elasticity of the skin over time combined with the effects of gravity causes the forehead tissue to sag and the brows to droop down over the rim of the eye socket. The low brow position can add to the hooding of skin on the eyelid and make patients look tired, angry, or sad. The purpose of a brow lift is to bring the thicker brow tissue back above the rim of the eye socket. Dr. Berris strives for a natural appearing subtle elevation of the brows. The surgery should help to reduce some of the lines in the forehead as well as the frown lines between the brows. We usually combine our brow lift procedure with a blepharoplasty to give the patient the full benefit of upper eyelid and brow rejuvenation.

There are a variety of techniques to lift the brows. After your consultation, Dr. Berris will determine which method he feels will be the best option for you. The procedures are performed with local anesthesia combined with intravenous sedation (twilight sleep). If a patient has a high forehead or wears bangs, one technique employs a discrete incision just at the edge of the hairline. The incision is closed with fine suture and is designed to allow the hair to grow back and help disguise it. For other patients, it may be best performed to have the incision behind the hairline. This can be performed in either an endoscopic or modified coronal technique. As part of the procedure the muscles that cause frown lines are weakened.

The surgery is “come and go” but you will need a ride home. Your head will be wrapped in dressings which are removed the day after the surgery. Most patients do not experience pain, but pain medication will be dispensed to you just in case. The sutures or clips are removed in about 6-7 days. Most patients will have some bruising, which takes 10-14 days to clear. Swelling will diminish after a few weeks, although it may take a few months to see the final results. Gravity and aging will continue to affect the brows over time. It is not unusual that someone who has a brow lift might consider a “tuck up” or re-elevation sometime in the future.

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If you live in the Sacramento area, and are considering a brow lift, contact the Center for Cosmetic Eyelid & Laser Surgery today. Dr. Craig Berris will be happy to discuss the procedure with you, and schedule an appointment.


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I had interviewed several doctors and my decision to have Dr Berris MD provide my surgical procedures was by far my best possible choice. And thank you so very much to his staff.

From first appointment for evaluation, staff getting authorization for upper eyelid surgery and forehead lift, and then to surgery, all staff were so helpful, courteous, and caring. I would refer others to Dr. Craig Berris.