Custom-Designed Skin Care Products

Looking for a skin care system that will give you results? It can be confusing with so many choices out in the market place. Where do you start? The Center for Cosmetic Eyelid and Laser Surgery has a comprehensive skin care division that will help you get started with a skin care routine that is designed for your skin. Our custom designed and blended prescription strength skin care products can be compounded in our office while you wait. This unique service is an advanced approach to achieving maximum results. We also offer in office skin treatments individually customized to reveal healthy, rejuvenated, refreshed looking skin.

We specialize in:

• Improved skin function
• Acne flares
• Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles
• Large pores
• Hyper-pigmentation
• Dull looking skin
• Sun damage
• Dry, sensitive skin
• Oily skin

Gel Cleanser

This cleanser is gentle on your skin but tough on removing all makeup, oil and impurities. It is PH balanced to help the skin with increased absorption. This cleanser is the 1st step in achieving healthy, clear skin and is good for dry, sensitive and normal skin types.

Gly Gel Cleanser

This glycolic based cleanser is good for acne, blackheads and skin that require a deeper penetration to unclog pores and control oily skin. This cleanser also prepares the skin for lightening products and tretinoin.

Brightening Complex

This is a combination of Vitamin C, lactic acid and phytic acid. This product brightens and exfoliates the skin, helping it to look smoother, brighter and control excess oil. Good for skin with blackheads, blemishes and a dull skin tone. This solution will help prep the skin for skin lightening creams and tretinoin. This complex will help your skin respond better to many exfoliating treatments as well.

Rx Healthy Glow with Arbutase

This is an exclusive prescription strength lightening and brightening cream that is compounded in our office for your skin type. This technologically advanced lightening cream will provide results you can count on. Only available through our office, this cream is effective in treating sun damage, brown spots, hyperpigmentation and dull uneven skin tone.

Healthy Glow with Vitamin A

This compounded prescription cream is clinically proven to improve cellular turn over, minimizing the signs of aging and reducing future photo damage. Healthy Glow will help the skin look and act younger and reduce acne flare ups. Compounding the strength of this exceptional formula will give you results you can count on.

Renew Retexturing Cream

This is a repair cream is designed to improve skin texture, moisture and fine lines. It’s gentle and effective approach is a good fit while traveling or when peeling is not an option.

Therapeutic Moisturizer

This is a hydrator designed for acne and oily skin which keeps the skin from becoming too dry or irritated. This is a light treatment that balances sensitive and problem skin. This correct and protect hydrator is recommended as part of a balanced approach to problem skin.

Renew Serum

This is a go to product for moisturizing around the eyes, lips and face. A couple of drops directly on the skin can plump up fine lines and wrinkles or you can add a few drops to any of our moisturizers to give the skin a moist healthy glow. This versatile serum gives you the ability to add extra moisture to different areas of the face as needed.

Intensive Moisturizer

This light weight refined moisturizer is rich with nourishing ingredients that hydrate normal to dry skin. Our advanced formula can be compounded to the correct, balance and give your skin a moist glow.

Hydra Moist

This powerful moisturizer can be used under makeup or at night and will leave the skin moist and radiant. This moisturizer is a good choice for giving your skin a boost, while you are not using products such as tretinoin, glycolic or other cell regenerating creams.

Niamoist Moisturizer

This paraben, fragrance and solvent free moisturizer contains repair barriers and lipid complexes that give the skin exceptional hydration and lasting results. It can be used day or night and is compounded in our office.

Sun Protect SPF-30

This combination sunscreen and moisturizer is two products in one. It has titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, ginger root, allantoin and camellia which are designed to protect skin from the sun and hydrate. Custom blending is available if needed. See and feel the difference of this highly effective product.

To learn more about our custom products, call to schedule a complimentary consultation at 916-208-5152.


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I had interviewed several doctors and my decision to have Dr Berris MD provide my surgical procedures was by far my best possible choice. And thank you so very much to his staff.

From first appointment for evaluation, staff getting authorization for upper eyelid surgery and forehead lift, and then to surgery, all staff were so helpful, courteous, and caring. I would refer others to Dr. Craig Berris.