Earlobe Repair Surgery

Elongated earlobes can also develop as one ages, which can make the earlobe look less feminine. We can reduce the size of elongated earlobes with a simple surgical procedure.

People typically undergo an earlobe repair to fix the damage created from wearing long, heavy earrings. The hole that was initially small gets longer and longer and can eventually rip through the earlobe, (especially as the skin thins out with age).

Years of wearing jewelry such as heavy hoop earrings can lead to stretching or tearing of the earlobe, eventually requiring the earlobe to be repaired. Simply tugging or pulling on an earring will also weaken the earlobe over time, leading to stretching and eventually a split in the ear’s skin. The difference this causes in the level of the earring on the affected side versus the other ear is quite noticeable, especially with large earrings.

Ear Repair: Insurance and Recovery

Unfortunately, most insurance companies consider ear repair for this problem to be a cosmetic issue and not covered under their medical plan. Fortunately, ear repair is a relatively simple procedure that takes 20-30 minutes to perform. The edges of the stretched out skin are “freshened” and the hole closed with very fine sutures that are removed in 5-6 days. The patient is comfortable with the use of a local anesthetic. If one is anxious about the procedure, they may have oral sedation as long as they have a driver with them. There are no bandages, and there is generally little or no pain after the procedure. During the healing period, you will simply apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment over the sutures at bedtime. Daily activities such as showering can be performed as usual. Once healed, the earlobe can be re pierced in 4-6 weeks to allow the patient to resume wearing earrings with renewed confidence.

Contact Dr. Craig E. Berris, M.D. to Discuss Earlobe Surgery

If you’re self-conscious about stretched earlobes, and want to get surgery to fix them, contact us today. Dr. Berris offers earlobe repair to Sacramento patients for amazing results.


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