Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, but for the right candidates, it can be one of the most life-affirming decisions they can make. Among the most transformative of all cosmetic surgeries is the brow lift, or forehead lift. Brow lift surgery minimizes the frown lines and furrows that can make the forehead look heavy and the face look tired and aged. But what, precisely, makes a person a good candidate for brow lift surgery?

For starters, anyone considering plastic surgery of any kind must have realistic expectations for the outcome of his or her procedure, and brow lift is no exception. While people can expect to look younger and more refreshed after brow lift surgery, no surgery can completely erase the signs of aging. Likewise, cosmetic surgery does not halt the aging process. Even after the brow has been smoothed and excess skin and fat have been removed from the forehead, the area will continue to age. People with overambitious expectations for brow lift surgery will likely be disappointed by the results, sooner or later.

Otherwise, good candidates for brow lift surgery will be in generally good health and free from conditions that would increase the risks of surgery, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The forehead skin should be elastic enough to re-conform to the reshaped forehead after underlying tissue has been removed and the skin has been stretched. The more superficial the wrinkling, the more likely the procedure will be effective in rejuvenating the brow area.

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