With almost every surgery, especially plastic surgery comes plenty of myths about the procedure. At the Center for Cosmetic Eyelid & Laser Surgery in Sacramento, we want what is best for our patients which is why we want to give the truth behind these common misconceptions about eyelid lifts. If you have any other myths you have heard you want to know the truth about, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Eyelid Lifts are Only Cosmetic Surgeries

One of the most common misconceptions about eyelid lifts is that eyelid lifts are only for cosmetic surgeries. While eyelid surgeries can definitely provide some beautiful cosmetic results, they can also be used for medical reasons. Patients who have been diagnosed with ptosis may suffer from drooping eyelids that can affect one or even both of their eyes. An eyelid lift would give them back their vision.

Eyelid Lifts Leave Ugly Scars

The art of plastic surgery is to make changes to bodies without leaving a trace. Our very own Sacramento plastic surgeon takes scarring seriously which is why we practice leaving minimal scars on our patients. To make incisions, we like to use the body’s natural creases to hide potential scars. Since your eyelid lift’s incision is made in your eyelid’s crease, your scar will be nearly undetectable after it heals.

Eyelid Lifts Can Fix Crows Feet & Sagging Eyebrows

The point of an eyelid lift is to lift your eyelids so they do not sag. While it is normal and common for the procedure to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes, this procedure will not address your sagging eyebrows or crows feet. If you would like to address these areas, please let our plastic surgeon know so we can tell you about your different options.

Eyelid Lifts Can Give You Chronic Dry Eye

This common misconception about eyelid lifts is one we want to put to rest. While there are many risks associated with eyelid lift surgery, this is not one of them. Chronic dry eyes are an extremely rare side effect and usually, only occur if your plastic surgeon removes too much skin from your upper eyelid. It’s important to choose a qualified plastic surgeon to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Eyelid Lifts are Expensive

While plastic surgery can be expensive, an eyelid lift is on the cheaper side. A common eyelid lift can cost anywhere from between $3,000 to $6,000 depending on your surgeon, the facility and what needs to be done. Talk to our plastic surgeon about how much your surgery will cost and about our different financing options.

Visit Your Sacramento Plastic Surgeon for an Eyelid Lift Today

If you have sagging or drooping eyelids, you might be a good candidate for an eyelid lift. Visit our Sacramento plastic surgeon to find out if it’s the right surgery for you. You can also ask us any question you might have about the surgery or any other plastic surgery treatments. Give us a call or visit our online form to schedule an appointment today.