Fashion can take a toll on many parts of the body. Ask anyone who has spent years in high heels, or who wore heavier earrings and they will tell you that being a slave to fashion can actually cause issues with the body. This is why Dr. Craig E. Berris MD at the Center for Cosmetic Eyelid and Laser Surgery in Sacramento, CA is so glad to provide patients with earlobe repair.

Whether it is due to age and the loss of elasticity or because you wore heavier earrings for many years, your earlobes may have assumed a permanently extended appearance. Elongated and unattractive, you may have wondered if there is any sort of plastic surgery that could possibly undo the years of wear and tear. Fortunately, there is, and it is the earlobe repair treatment offered at our Sacramento office.

As a skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Berris has helped many patients with unusual issues like elongate earlobes, sagging brows and wrinkled necks. He understands that many of our patients have a few issues that they would like to address and he ensures that each patient receives his full attention, accurate and helpful recommendations and the plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments most suited to their needs.

When a patient comes in to discuss the unappealing look of their earlobes, Dr. Berris will assess the situation. In almost all instances, a patient who has pierced ears and who has worn heavier earrings will have done a bit of damage to the lobe. The size of the pierced hole may have extended and the loss of elasticity in the skin can make it impossible for the lobe to retract naturally to its normal size.

Some patients require earlobe repair due to injury, or even due to personal habit. After all, many people fiddle with their ear lobe or tug on it without realizing it. Over time, this too extends the tissue.

To make the repair to one or both ear lobes is simple and straightforward. Dr. Berris can provide this type of plastic surgery in less than 30 minutes and a patient will experience no pain or discomfort during their procedure. A return visit is needed several days later to remove sutures and that is it!  Some self-care is required to eliminate the threat of infection, such as washing and treating with ointment, but the outcome for this surgery is always very favorable.

If you have ever wondered if plastic surgery could remedy your elongated or uneven earlobes, Dr. Berris has the answer. A skilled plastic surgeon, he offers earlobe repair as part of his service. To learn more, give us a call at (916) 929-6707. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.