If you have a brow lift surgery booked in the future, you’re probably wondering what the recovery process is like. Dr. Craig Berris is here to help you understand the complete process for your brow lift surgery. Whether that means giving you an explanation of each different step or answering all of the questions you have. Our Sacramento plastic surgeon at the Center for Cosmetic Eyelid & Laser Surgery is here to tell you what you can expect after a brow lift surgery in Sacramento.

There Will a Slight Change in Diet

Once you wake up from your procedure, it’s likely that you will feel quite hungry at the anesthesia wears off. You most likely won’t want to chow down on a huge meal. Anesthesia might make you feel a bit nauseous. We recommend that patients enjoy a liquid diet immediately after surgery just to be on the safe side. Your face might also hurt to chew. Enjoy a smoothie or a cup of soup for the first day and try something that requires chewing the next day.

You Will Make Lots of Bathroom Breaks

IV sedation is the most common type of sedation used for eyebrow lift surgery. One of the most common side effects of this sedation is an increased the urge to use the bathroom. This is due to the large number of fluids being put inside your body through the IV. Also, make sure to continue drinking lots of water after your surgery to replenish your body from all these bathroom breaks.

There Will Be Some Swelling and Bruising

It’s common to experience some swelling and bruising on your face following your brow lift surgery in Sacramento. You can expect the swelling and bruising to subside following 14 days after surgery. You can actually minimize the swelling by keeping your head elevated and applying a cold compress over your eyes. Make sure to only do cold compresses for 20 minutes at a time with at least a 20-minute break in-between.

There Will Be Some Discomfort and Itching

Although discomfort is usually at a minimum following a brow lift, it’s not uncommon. With some prescription or over the counter pain meds, you will be feeling fine. Your scalp might also feel itchy near the incision site. Try your best to not touch this area otherwise you can mess with the sutures.

You Should Limit Your Activity

You can expect to feel a bit tired after your brow lift surgery. Your body is healing so you should be taking it easy. This means for two weeks, you should avoid exercise or anything that requires too much effort. You can do light chores or take a walk, but avoid straining yourself.

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