Not only can chin liposuction help your face look better when looking at it head-on, but it can improve your profile as well. Feeling confident in your face is important because your face is what people see the most of! If you find that your double chin is getting you down and diet and exercise don’t seem to get rid of the problem, it might be time to consider chin liposuction. Dr. Berris can help you enhance your appearance and improve your self-confidence through chin liposuction in Sacramento. See how chin liposuction can improve your profile.

Chin Liposuction Can Contour Your Chin & Jowls

It’s common for patients to visit our Sacramento plastic surgery office to complain about the lack of definition in their neck and jawline even with all of the diet and exercise in the world. In most cases, accumulating fat here is genetic and the only way to remove it is through chin liposuction. When you opt for chin and/or neck liposuction in Sacramento, you can expect to have a better-contoured chin and jowls. Some plastic surgeons will claim that you need a facelift to achieve these results, that is not true. With proper liposuction techniques, your chin and jowls can be contoured to help your profile look great.

A Double Chin Can Be Removed Easily

If you are worried that removing a double chin is a difficult procedure, don’t worry a bit! Chin and or neck liposuction is an easy procedure and we may even complete it in our office under local anesthesia. There is hardly any downtime aside from a few days of recovery. In a matter of less than an hour, your double chin can be completely removed, leaving you with a  more attractive profile view.

Chin Liposuction is an Easy Procedure

As we said before, chin liposuction is a very easy procedure. In most cases, we will complete it under local anesthesia in our office. This is done by administering the numbing medicine to your chin and neck area. Once you can’t feel anything, we make a tiny needle and then insert the cannula into your chin. The cannula is moved around and suctions out the fat in your chin. Once we’re done, we bandage the small incision sites and send you home to rest.

Patients Look Thinner

Not only will your face’s profile look more contoured, but your face will look overall thinner. You might even look like you have lost a significant amount of weight. Hardly any fat is actually removed from your face; however, your face looks significantly thinner.

Schedule Your Chin Liposuction in Sacramento Today

If you dislike your double chin, there’s no point in dwelling on your dislike for it. It’s time to make a change and improve your profile. Schedule an appointment at The Center for Cosmetic and Eyelid Surgery in Sacramento to find out if chin liposuction is a smart option for you. Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment today.