Laser Hair Reduction

While no type of treatment to date has shown the ability to permanently eliminate all hair growth, many of our patients who have undergone IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are thrilled with the significant reduction in hair growth and improved appearance.

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Intense pulsed light is high energy focused light distributed over a range of wavelengths 500nm to 1200nm. The focused energy is applied to the surface of the skin by way of a hand held wand. The light energy travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shaft at the root or hair follicle where the highest concentration of darker pigment is located. As the light is converted to heat energy, the hair follicle is vaporized. Lasers or IPL treatments work best on light skin with dark hair, although other skin types can be treated at lower energy settings. White or very blonde hair does not absorb enough energy to obtain effective treatment.

At any one time, not all hair follicles are “active”, and only active hair follicles can be affected or destroyed by the treatment. “Inactive” hair follicles can be treated as they become “active” over time. This is the reason why multiple treatments are usually required to achieve the maximum effect.

IPL systems have a proven track record in the industry for over 20 years. Multiple studies have shown that after 3-5 treatments, there is reduction in the number of hairs by approximately 60% – 80%. The number of hairs is still reduced by 50% – 70% after 6 months and in some studies these results last up to 2 years. The hairs that do grow back are usually finer, lighter and thinner. After completing treatment, one may wish to have a touch up treatment 1 – 2 times per year. Single treatment sessions can last anywhere form 10 – 20 minutes, depending on the area and your hair type.

Since treatment works best when there is a great difference between the color of the hair in the surrounding skin, we recommend no tanning or use of tanning creams before your treatment. There is a significant difference between the medical device used in a doctor’s office versus the small vanity products sold at department stores and pharmacies. In simplest terms, the larger machine employed in a medical office can generate 100 times the power and achieve results that would be impossible with a small hand held device.

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